Welcome to the West Ohio Conference 2019 Camping Ministry!

Our Camp Team has excitedly planned this summer since September to make your experience the best ever. We continue to see more and more groups which allow us to grow and expand our offerings at each camp. 

Our Purpose. 

Our camping ministry is to be right at the heart of helping create a culture of call across the West Ohio Conference. As campers and retreat attendees of all ages experience the beauty of God's creation through nature, our intent is to provide a recreational, relational and spiritual environment in which everyone can hear God's voice calling in new ways on the journey of faith in Christ Our 2019 camp theme is RELENTLESS! We look forward to inspiring spiritual growth within our campers.

Safety & Leadership

Regardless of which event(s) you choose, you can be assured that the safety of our campers is our top priority as we seek to make and nurture disciples for Jesus Christ Each of our...continue reading

West Ohio Camps is looking for leaders just like you to be counselors at our three camps this summer. A great camp counselor is someone who serves as an amazing mentor, big sibling, facilitator, manager, and all around go-to person for a group of young people. And while you are sharing yourself with the youngsters, you can reap the benefits as well. Here are ten great reasons to be a camp counselor this summer.

1. You get to be a role model.
For however long you have the opportunity to interact with the campers, you quickly become one of the coolest (and most influential) people in their lives.

2. You get to unplug.
Among the woods and lakes, you might not find much Wi-Fi, but you’ll find plenty of nature just begging you to unplug and enjoy. Surrounding yourself with the
beauty of the great outdoors only helps with this.

3. Boost your resume.
Through the experiences you have working for a camp, you will be able to proudly put on... continue reading.