2020 Summer Camp Registration Is Open!

It may be winter but we say summer...summer camp that is! Traditional favorites and new camp themed weeks are available now to read about and register. At the bottom of this page you will see a copy of our 2020 Summer Guide, which you can open and read, page by page.

As camp costs continue to increase just like those of your family, we try to hold the line on cost increases by waiting at least every three years before an adjustment is made.With that said there is a small increase in summer 2020 camps costs.The best news we can offer is to register early and set up a payment plan. The earlier you register, the more monthly, biweekly or weekly payments you can spread out. We will continue to offer sibling discounts to help famalies absorb the cost of multiple children. We are blessed with a couple sources for scholarship funds and applications are available within the registration.

Our camps are open year-round for all season...continue reading

West Ohio Camps is looking for leaders just like you to be counselors at our three camps this summer. A great camp counselor is someone who serves as an amazing mentor, big sibling, facilitator, manager, and all around go-to person for a group of young people. And while you are sharing yourself with the youngsters, you can reap the benefits as well. Here are ten great reasons to be a camp counselor this summer.

1. You get to be a role model.
For however long you have the opportunity to interact with the campers, you quickly become one of the coolest (and most influential) people in their lives.

2. You get to unplug.
Among the woods and lakes, you might not find much Wi-Fi, but you’ll find plenty of nature just begging you to unplug and enjoy. Surrounding yourself with the
beauty of the great outdoors only helps with this.

3. Boost your resume.
Through the experiences you have working for a camp, you will be able to proudly put on... continue reading.