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10 Great Reasons to Send Your Child to Summer Camp Camp Camp

Once school is out, the learning does not have to end. Summer camp provides kids from the opportunity to exercise their minds and bodies in a variety of ways. There is much more to camp than just a good time. Camp offers the time and safe place... (read more)

Pastor Doug Thompson Receives First-ever Camp Changes Lives Award Camp Camp

There is something special about West Ohio Camps. Is it the facilities? Sure. The campers? Of course! The staff? Certainly. But, there is one constant at camp that stands out from the rest.  That is Pastor Doug Thompson.

... (read more)

5 Advantages of a Christian Summer Youth Camp Camp Camp

S’mores, singalongs, and swimming are all summer camp staples and play a role in some of our most cherished memories from school vacation. There are a wide variety of camps around the country, but choosing a youth Christian camp provides some... (read more)