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30 Day Children's Bible Study - click here to start at the beginning of a 30-day study with fun activities and a daily FaceBook recorded session.

Week One click here. Week Two click here. Week Three click here. Week four click here.

Wesley Banana Boat Recipe - click here

Camp Coloring Fun - Looking for some fun indoor activities for rainy days? We have created coloring pages with some of our favorite scenes around camp as well as the graphics from some of our favorite camp store t-shirts! You can download and print the coloring book here.

Word searches are fun for all ages. Parents too! Click Bible word search.png

Camps Word Search. Click Camps word-search.png

An Easter Word Search. Click Easter word search.png

How to Make a God's Eye. Click God's Eye and save on your computer.

Maze - click here

Camps Crossword Puzzle - click here