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Campers Have Gone, But Work Continues at West Ohio Camps

Temperatures will soon be cooling and leaves will be falling, but that doesn’t mean West Ohio Camps have rolled up the sidewalks. In fact, we are nearly as busy off-season as we are during the summer. The teams at Camp Wesley, Camp Widewater and Camp Otterbein are already hard at work making improvements and preparing for the 2019 summer camp season.

Fall is an extremely busy time at camp. We review the previous summer even before the last camper goes home and begin planning the next summer. We already have 2019 planned, scheduled and ready to publish in our annual camp guide. Registration will open January 2, 2019.

This is also the time of year will begin improvements at our three camps. At Camp Wesley we are busily finishing the first of three new log cabins, and have already finished the new Stargazer nighttime sleep under the stars space. Camp Otterbein is working toward paving some roads on the hillside that will help prevent erosion and make for easier travel, by foot or vehicle. And Camp Widewater is finishing up projects on its small farm, improving aeration to the pond, constructing a Frisbee golf course and completing work on a new cookout shelter house.

Of course, autumn is also a great time for retreats.  Most fall dates are booked at all three camps, and dates are filling up fast throughout winter and spring.

We also have out Winter Camps planned during Christmas break. All three camps are already filling up as registrations pour in.

We are also busily preparing a new website design. Look for it as we kick off summer registrations in January.

As you can read, work never stops at West Ohio Camps. We invite everyone to visit a camp during the fall or winter seasons for a peaceful hike, or to lend us a hand. Join us for one of our scheduled works days, or contact a camp to see if there is a day when your group can come help us tackle some projects. We appreciate your support.