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Questions to Ask Your Child About Camp After Camp

Sometimes your camper is beyond excited to tell you about their camp experience. Other times they are overwhelmed and tired after all of the full-filled, action-packed days. Some kids may even be sad that camp is over and they have to go home. Here are some questions to ask to keep the camp conversation gong:

Tell me about something that you did for the first time.

Camp is full of opportunities to try something new, and it’s the perfect, safe place to do so. We hope your camper was able to experience something new and exciting.

What was your favorite song? Can you sing it for me? Or What was your favorite game? Can you tell me about it?

Camp is a place for fun and silliness! We love singing songs, working on crafts, and playing games. Through hilarious antics and crazy lyrics, our camp community forms a unique and strong bond.

What was the biggest challenge for you?

One of the goals at our camps is to get kids out of their comfort zones just enough that it sparks growth. We love to see how kids grow in unexpected ways at camp.

Tell me about a new friend you made.

One of our greatest joys is watching campers’ friendships grow throughout each week. We deeply understand our role in helping kids feel like they are an important part of the group and assisting them in understanding social dynamics and the process of making a new friend. 

Who was your favorite staff member? Why?

For many campers, a staff member or counselor makes an impact that campers remember the rest of their lives. Our staff constantly strives to provide the ultimate experience for campers through a good balance of fun/crazy and caring/kind.

What was the funniest thing someone did?

Campers will get dirty, muddy, and wet as they spend time outside all day. They will see new things and have many interesting experiences. They may even participate in some silly, wholesome jokes. 

If you could pick just one activity to do all day, what would it be?

This is another way to get at your child’s favorite camp activities. With so many fun, engaging activities to choose from each day, your camper is sure to find some things she adores (and some that she doesn’t). This gives your child the chance to zero in on the most positive experiences of the day.

What did you learn about God/Jesus that you could share with others?

This year’s curriculum theme is “The Way” based off Ephesians 5: 1-2 “Therefore, be imitators of God, as beloved children, and living in love, as Christ loved us.” In addition our daily themes are: Feeding, Forgiving, Loving the Neighbor, Serving Humbly, and Prayer. Maybe ask your camper more specific questions based off those themes?

What camp session do you want to go to next summer and who do you want to invite?

Our camps offer a variety of camp sessions for every interest and age. We’d love to see your camper return plus their friends to share the experience with next year.

At West Ohio Camps, Camp Otterbein, Camp Wesley and Camp Widewater , have a variety of camp options to fit all campers and their families. We also offer a Winter Camp option during Christmas Break from school. Be sure to keep watching our social media pages to find out when registration for the next session of camps opens. Find out more by visiting us at