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West Ohio Conference - Camps & Retreats

Summer 2019 is in the books! School is about to begin. football, then fall and a certain change in Ohio weather!

Our Camp Team hopes that your child or family were served at a West Ohio Camp this summer. We thank you for entrusting your child to our care while we share about God and have the adventures of a lifetime. It is our goal that every child have an opportunity to attend summer camp and we work hard to secure thousands of dollars in contributions to pay partial scholarships to over 300 campers.

Our camps are open year-round for all season outdoor adventure and retreats. We host groups almost every weekend until Thanksgiving. Retreats, conferences, men's groups, youth, confirmation, women's ministry, training, meeting, ski name it, we will try to accomodate your group's needs. Find each Camp Director's contact information on each individual camp webpage.

We look forward to announcing our spring Confirmation Retreats by the end of September so your church can plan their schedule accordingly. Camp Otterbein will be hosting a Father/Son Retreat Septmeber 27 -29. Just the guys to worship, learn and have adventure in God's great outdoors. Should be a great time. Uncles and grandfathers are invited as well to attend with a young man in the family.

Winter Camp cannot be too far away. It is during Christmas break as always and yes I want to tell you more about it, but let's at least get some fall weather in here first.

As camp costs continue to increase just like those of your family, we try to hold the line on cost increases by waiting at least every three years before an adjustment is made.With that said there will be a small increase in summer 2020 camps costs.The best news we can offer is to register early and set up a payment plan. The earlier you register, the more monthly, biweekly or weekly payments you can spread out. We will continue to offer sibling discounts to help famalies absorb the cost of multiple children.

In the mean time, I would love to hear from you. What has worked, what hasn't? Ideas? Questions? Maybe you want to be involved with camping ministry and do more. Whatever your thoughts and passions might be, feel free to email camps [at] or to myself or the camp directors listed on their camp page.