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Camp Wesley consists of 225 acres near Bellefontaine, Ohio, surrounding a beautiful 20 acre lake. Year round operation consists of many needs excluding staff and servant labor. Listed below are some current needs that our camps could use your support in a variety of ways.

  1. Equipment needs - maybe you have named equipment on-hand that you are replacing and would like to donate.
  2. Supplies - You may have building or camp supplies on-hand you would be willing to donate.
  3. Current Projects - these are some current projects we are working on that need funded.

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Mission Teams

Camp Wesley has several projects to be completed in Spring 2018. We would welcome any VIM teams to assist in these projects. We can provide free housing in yurts or the Lodge and have unofficial sites where RV’s can park and hook up to water and electric. More information can be obtained, and reservations made, by contacting Ashelee Phillips, Camp Wesley Director, at 937-404-8004 or aphillips [at]

1. Log Cabin Project. We are in the process of building a 24 x 24 log cabin kit building. This involves traditional wall and roof/rafter/truss framing along with notching and assembly of prefabricated logs. Door and window installation will be involved as well. We will also be building bunk-beds and installing carpet in the Spring.

2. S.S. Stargazer Project. In the Spring of 2018 we will be building a floating raft that is 30 ft by 30 feet and built on commercial dock floats. This will involve typical deck framing and railing construction.

3. Gym Ceiling renovations. We will be tearing out the masonite and insulation in the gym ceiling and replacing it with new sprayed-in foam insulation and perforated metal siding. This is a demolition and renovation project requiring work approximately 25 feet above the floor on scaffolding or a lift.

4. Painting of various buildings. We have to paint various buildings on a regular basis, both exterior and interior painting.

Possibly you would like to be a contributor to help see that projects gets completed. Letters of donation are available for tax purposes. We do not assign a value to items donated. Please contact the Camp Director by phone or email to discuss the materials you might want to donate, or project you would like to help fund. Please note that we ask that all donations be "gently used" in the fact that they will will suffice the needs of the camp.

Thank you for supporting West Ohio Camps! 

In Christ,

Ashlee Phillips

Director, Camp Wesley

(937) 404-8009

aphillips [at]